The EU mobility package stage 2 will be implemented 1st February, 2022

20 January, 2022

In July 2020 the EU passed the mobility package that sets the standards for salaries and working conditions for truck drivers. The aim of the mobility package is to create uniform regulations as to working conditions for the drivers. This means, among other things, that the drivers have a right to planning of the individual transports so they can return to their home country every four weeks. And moreover the vehicle in question must return to its registration address every eight weeks. The employer is obliged to pay the travel costs for the individual driver when returning to his home country. The package also includes some changes as to the drivers’ driving time and hours of rest, as all rests beyond 45 hours must be held outside the truck, meaning at a hotel or the like. These hours of rest must be documented. Furthermore, the individual driver has a right to be paid the same as national drivers in the country in which they drive.

This means that the mobility package will imply some extra costs.

Unfortunately, for now INTERFJORD A/S cannot determine an exact price for the extra costs caused by the mobility package. We still need to create an overview as to the consequences for our collaborators and their drivers. We follow the current situation and await the next couple of months. Should there be any questions about the mobility package, please contact the individual divisions of INTERFJORD A/S.