Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

INTERFJORD is a well-reputed, dynamic and partner-owned transport company with offices in Glyngøre, Frederikshavn, Copenhagen, Randers, Stavanger Norway and Krakow Poland. Our skilled and well-educated team will arrange a wide selection of products on the global transport market. INTERFJORD offers a wide selection of transport products as road transport in all of Europe, courier, air and see freight solutions world-wide.

INTERFJORD wants to take on responsibility towards customers, employees, investors and the public. We obey existing laws, whatever the location, and at any time. We respect codes of conduct and sustainable behaviour. INTERFJORD is a member of  Danske Speditører (Danish Forwarding Agents), thus making sure to customers and collaborators:

  • That the forwarding agent planned his contracts in a way that strives towards a safe transport
  • That haulage contractors entering into agreements with the forwarding agents who joined Danish Forwarding Agents’ Code of Conduct will by the forwarding agent be obliged to offer their employees orderly and decent conditions.
  •  That the forwarding agent will make a supervision to uncover if the transport is carried out safely
  • That the forwarding agents have the possibility of taking the necessary consequences if conditions at the sub-suppliers are not in order.

INTERFJORD also expects that our suppliers and business partners strive towards the same approach to Code of Conduct as INTERFJORD has. Anyone on a contractual basis with INTERFJORD as to supply transport services, business partners, agents working on behalf of INTERFJORD, various sales channels and their entire staff – they must all behave in a responsible way and obey the basic principles represented in this Code of Conduct. If suppliers or business partners enter into an agreement with a third party in connection with a freight solution for example, then INTERFJORD expects this third party also to obey the principles in this Code of Conduct.

INTERFJORD expects suppliers and business partners and third party, if any, to have the same approach to quality. The wish to supply transport solutions of high quality must always be apparent from all deliveries.

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